Slim and elegant design
     OLED display.
     Network connection TCP / IP, RS485.
     All the advantages of access systems.

TF1700 is one of the smallest access systems and attendance and footprint applications.

Designed with waterproof, dust and shock structure Provides durability in addition to extreme conditions such as external environment Designed specifically for a separate device for use such as home, office, shop, garage, factories etc.

The 2013 version of the TF1700 is equipped with a sensor cover to protect the optical reader and is updated with the new firmware that supports ZKAccess3.5 which has versatile features and powerful functions.

Fingerprint Sensor : Infrared sensor.

The algorithm : ZK Finger VX10.0.

Plug : TCP / IP, RS485, USB Host.

Number of fingerprints : 3,000 fingerprints (8,000 optional).

Number of cards : 10,000 cards.

Number of movements : 50,000 movement and transportation.

  RF card : EM exists / Mifare optional

Match the entry : Fingerprint, card or PIN

Signal Wiegand : Wiegand input and output

Degree of protection : IP65

the screen : 128 x 64 OLED

keyboard : 3 x 5 keyboard and doorbell

Audio and interface : Bell and multicolored screen

Operational power : 12VDC 3A

temperature : -10 ° C ~ 50 ° C degree Celsius

the size : 62.5 mm x 185 mm x 41.5 mm (s)

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