Real Estate Management

System Features:
The system is a website that enables you to manage your business from anywhere and with three powers (system manager, reservation clerk, accountant). You can distribute the authority to your employees, supervise and manage them.
The property management system is a system for managing the process of renting and selling real estate, calculating the profits and knowing expenses in each period for each property.
The system contains a file for each customer who has rented or purchased a property from you
The file contains customer information, previous payment processes and required amounts
Contains a file for owners and owners of real estate for offices that provide real estate brokerage between real estate owners and customers.
The owner file contains all revenues and expenses for the owner’s properties.

Guarantees and safety:
The system has a system of authorization and technology to verify the user by a user name and password given to each user
Each user is logged on
Which makes the employer familiar with each process and who carried out and the time of the process and consider Shi important in financial transactions

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