Manage the office of a lawyer

Features of the program:

• The program can work on several databases. Also, the program can be run on a database via the web, which enables the lawyer and employee to log in via the Internet from anywhere.
• The program is easy to use and has the advantage of mechanical support and artificial intelligence
• The program was programmed with the latest technologies and modern programming languages
• The program is protected against theft, illegal copying or piracy and protects the lawyer’s rights and investment
• The program is in Arabic
• The program is comprehensive and integrated
• The program has the best research and inventory systems
• The program contains warnings and alerts to the lawyer in a timely manner
• The program has the ability to link branches of the lawyer’s office
• The program has technical support and after-sales services
• The program contains the best design for a comprehensive judicial agenda and related to each section of the program
• The program contains the best file issues perfectly simulated legal reality
• The program provides the best management of documents and documents in all departments
• The program contains an electronic library
• Software is protected against loss of data
• The program has a reminder management for important appointments
• The program has multiple user privileges
• The program provides comprehensive, comprehensive and intelligent reports in each section
• The program provides an innovative intelligent method in examining the documents that are not clear and dependent
• The program contains a window specialized in case files simulated reality with the enjoyment of the feature of the migration of sessions on the legal agenda automatically and enjoy the presence of the presence of experts in the case referred to experts
• The program contains a specialized window in the outgoing and incoming mail to receive and save all correspondence of the office
• The program contains a window for the staff of the Office to record the data of all lawyers and administrators in the office and enjoy the possibility of adding a photograph of each employee
• The program contains daily tasks for employees with an alert for each employee’s task.
• The program contains a browser that can note a client interview.
• The program contains a special file can be transferred to the backup version daily automatic

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