TFT color display.
All the advantages of access systems.
Slim and elegant design.

Number of fingerprints : 3000 fingerprint.

Number of movements and operations : 30000 operation / movement.

Sensor : Optical device of ZK.

The algorithm : Fingerprint scanning algorithm VX9.0 & 10.0 from ZK.
Communication RS232 / 485, TCP / IP, USB-host.

Interface entry system : Electronic lock, door sensor, exit button, alarm and bell.

Signal Weigand :Input and output.

display : TFT LCD.

Interface forms : Traditional appearance is neat and attractive.

Typical function : Webserver and anti-password retrieval system.

Optional Features : ID card, Mifare card.

Power for operation : 12 volt, 3 amp.
temperature : From 0 to 45 under zero.

One touch needs a double handle to check the fingerprints
     The fingerprint reader is equipped with a very accurate and accurate optical sensor from the ZK
     Save 3000 template (fingerprint), 5000 card, 30000 process.
     Supports the use of fingerprint or card.
     (Integrated Smart Card Reader) Optional.
     With Ethernet port
     Fraud detection with alarm.
     Dial out with alarm contact.
     Welcome and reject video and audio across the screen.

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