Features of Program Profit:

– Screen Logging: –
Account for each employee with a defined mandate, reports to each employee sales repurchases.

– Screen Kashir:
Suitable for touch screens
Supports barcode reader
List of common items

Dynamic design to delete, modify the quantity of any item.
Allows the printing of a thermal bill for the customer
Supports direct payment, or forward payment.
The quantities available in the store speak directly after each sale or refund
If your prices are not fixed, you can adjust the program to ask you for the price of selling each item when you sell.
Screen Items:
Add / Edit, for any item and all units related to it, carton, love, ..
Add the expiration date.
Add the sale and purchase amount.
Dealing with barcode.
Add available quantities, minimum alert.
-Storage A complete store control is associated with an early product alert system
Adding products to the store:
Payment support term.
Invoices for purchases.
Link suppliers
Store inventory
Inventory of residual quantities for any item or for all items
Filtering option by quantity, validity date, prices
Calculation of the amounts expected from the sale of the warehouse, its actual cost, profits
Store sales
Know the quantity sold from any product or products sold during the period, and the profits of each product and its income
In addition to know the best-selling and stagnant products ..
Add a reaction
Add a refund by invoice number or date of sale
Directly linked to the store

– Sales screen: Monitoring and Account Center for sales, purchases and refunds
The possibility of viewing the day or week or specify a specific period month, year …
Report on income, profits, purchases, returns, forward payments
A complete list of sales, purchases and refunds associated with the vendor’s name and supplier
Supports charts
Supports print reports
– Reports screen
Reports of sales, purchases and returns
Reports of payment amounts to a customer or supplier
Save reports as Word, PDF, and Excel
– Employees screen
Add staff
Select permissions, display image, password
– Payment screen to pay deferred sales or purchases
Offer as Customer or Supplier

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